Virtual Showings Starting NEXT WEEK!


From the Lime Arts website, “Twenty-By-Twenty Fringe (TBTF) is a new pilot program that was conceived in an effort to provide a platform for artistic directors, theatre practitioners, and theatre-goers across the country to watch bold, innovative, and intimate new works created by the most refreshing and current voices, 20 year olds*.”

The full Twenty By Twenty production line-up!

I am so excited to present FWD: Compiled Works of Oscar ‘Oz’ Nava, a volume of my explorations in puppetry, dance, and objects. This compilation is a big capstone for me, and is a record of my work during quarantine.

FWD: Compiled Works of Oscar ‘Oz’ Nava

I am thankful for the opportunity and agency to stay creating, and I invite you to this presentation! This volume of my work will be streaming May 14th @ 8pm PST, May 19th @ 8pm PST, and May 22nd @ 12pm PST. You can purchase tickets here!

STRINGS ATTACHED – Photo by Terrance McNally

I am also proud to present my Dell’Arte c/o2021 ensemble’s 2020 production of Strings Attached!

This adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ is an investigation into what a story can be made into. Drawing inspiration from the original text, the ensemble considered the fatalistic nature of Carlo’s first take on the wooden boy come to life. This piece is challenging and engaging, moving through Pinocchio’s birth and death, to the various ways he cheats and is cheated, to find this wooden child’s very essence and reason for being. This show is about the self and the family.

Strings Attached was performed live in February of 2020. This stream runs May 15th @ 8pm PST, May 18th @ 4pm PST, and May 21st @ 12pm PST. Tickets are available for purchase here!

There is a whole slew of exciting productions coming to you May 13th-23rd! A full itinerary with more information on the dates and times of performance line-up, visit the Lime Arts website!

Watch for more details on the final capstone project of my graduate studies at Dell’Arte International in THE CAULDRON OF DESTINY THESIS FESTIVAL! More coming soon…

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