The Song of a Lark

I see the Bright — young Day

Enveloping myself — in Dark

Slowly I hear — as I lay

The Song — of a Lark


The Blades — whisper in the Wind

Growing faint — touch my back.

To All — mine Eyes are Blind

But my Flashes — in Black.


I lay — swimming in my head — 

Thoughts provoked by — that on the Bark.

Sensation of me on my Bed —

Coming from the — Song of a Lark


There — I am Still —

I hear Rustles come near

Murmuring of the Pill —

All taken — aback with Fear.


No matter — the Blades lift me —

Strangers turn — Hear their Cries

I Breathe the Blades — leave me Be.

The Song of the Lark — Dies.


This original work was submitted to and published by the Live Poets Society of NJ for American High School Poets’ Spring 2013 compilation, “Inside of Me.”


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