Oscar, I Love You

September 26th 2017

On my way home

After a day of school

And a night of work

I raged at the late night traffic

Caught in a standstill of fatigue.

I passed you without knowing,

Seeing only the blaze of the car.

I learned the next day

That a drunk LAPD officer

Took you and your parents away forever.

It clicked and I cry.

I feel the loss of you.

I feel so ugly to have been so mad

At the time of your passing.

I should have done something

I should have stopped and helped.

But really, what could I have done?

For you, I can let go of anger.

For you, I can be patient.

For you, I dedicate my craft.

Oscar Davila,

We grew together briefly

On stage and on the field.

I watched you radiate and laugh.

You’ll always be a great friend.

I carry you, Oscar, and Mario and Maribel

In my heart and in my joy.

Huskies never walk alone.

Oscar, I love you and I miss you.

Rest with God.

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