Catch Up With Me!

This year has been chock full of disruption, and my performance schedule has been significantly impacted by the global pandemic. Nonetheless, some performance opportunities have sprung up and presented an opportunity to further develop my work as an independent artist. If you missed out on some of the showcases that I’ve been a part of, fret not! Here’s a recap of what I’ve been up to during quarantine;

Club Triangle @ Burning Man (August 2020)

With 2020’s Burning Man taking place over the virtual internet space, Humboldt County’s community of drag artists was invited to take part in the creative offerings for the virtual festival. Organizing within Club Triangle, HumCo’s leading community of drag artists and performers, artists got together to showcase their talents to a worldwide audience. *ahem*

Only Skin Deep (19 September 2020)

Only Skin Deep is a creative collaboration organized by Rachel Noel, and brought together dancers and movement artists of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and mixed heritage in Humboldt County and beyond. The entire playlist can be found here;

My piece can be found here;

Slamalicious II; In Space, No One Can Hear You Stream! (16 October 2020)

Early in October, I got word that the Calgary Animated Objects Society put out a call for puppeteers for their second virtual puppet slam! My piece, The Garrapata Dance, premiered on the CAOS Facebook stream, and you can watch it all here;

The full CAOS Slam stream!

My piece can be found directly here;

The Fast and The Furriest Spoooooky Puppet Slam (29 October 2020)

I found out about another Canadian puppet slam a week before the submission date! And so I created Ghost Riders, an original Halloween thriller that premiered live on the Vancouver International Puppet Fest Youtube channel. The full stream is attached, and my piece can be accessed directly on my YouTube channel (see below!)

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