I Made Two Coloring Books!!!

I am so excited to announce the limited release of Whole Wild World ($7.00+shipping) and Magic Mission ($7.00+shipping), my first two coloring book collections of original hand-drawn artwork. They are available for online ordering NOW at ko-fi.com/oznava/shop and would make a perfect gift for friends and family of all ages for the start of a creative new year

Whole Wild World features 8 original pieces that showcase some awesome and majestic (and fantastic) animals and creatures, while Magic Mission is home to a variety of 8 weird, funny and imaginative pieces. These are small-scaled releases, showcasing only a limited scope of my work- there are more things to come!!

On the Friday following Thanksgiving, I bought myselfa a 4-pack of black permanent markers. Since then, I’ve been making my own free-hand coloring pages that explore the weird, wacky and wonderful things that exist out there in life. I am thankful to my family and my friends who have been expressing their support and excitement for this development. This project is as much for you as it is for me, and I look forward to more in the near future!!

Whole Wild World (2020) and Magic Mission (2020) are available now for a limited time. Visit ko-fi.com/oznava/shop for ordering and product information. Thanks for supporting this independent release, and stay tuned for more future releases!!

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